Frequently Asked Questions

It’s critical to get things underway quickly. The team at 5X Consulting are focused on helping you. Initially we would arrange a discovery call to assess your position. In preparation for this meeting you should identify the immediate challenges, so that we may begin tackling these. Following this we’ll prepare an action plan.

This discovery call is provided at no cost to you or the business. Alternatively complete the online assessment HERE 

This meeting is to establish a clear picture of the short, medium and long term issues in order that we can tailor a solution to accelerate the businesses return to health. During the discovery call we will aim to understand what you want to achieve and build trust. This sets the scene for the team at 5X Consulting to add real, quantifiable value.

The initial discovery meeting is free of charge, as this enables the 5X Consulting team to identify the issues and to openly advise if we can be of any help to you. If we feel that we can add value then we will agree a monthly retainer for the duration of the project. Typically this starts at £2000 per month and is outcome related, (we agree the project objectives) but this is based on affordability. We can discuss fees or an alternative fee structure with you following the discovery call.

In the meantime or complete our online assessment HERE 

There are always options available to you and we will explain each of these to you. We will help you every step of the way and ensure that all of the correct procedures are followed.

As an additional service to clients, we buy businesses. At times of heightened stress, business owners re-evaluate their lifestyle. On many occasions they consider selling or closing down the business.

We do not charge fees upfront. The team at 5X Consulting are focused on helping you achieve your desired outcome. Initially we would arrange a discovery call to assess your situation. 

We always want to understand your motivations for the sale, whether that is to look after your people, your legacy or seeing the company continue to grow. That’s where we are different. We take the view that a happy vendor contributes significantly to a successful sale.

The process we implement is quicker than exit through traditional exit routes.

Please get in touch with the team at 5X Consulting. We will conduct a discovery call in the first instance to assess the current position and after review can provide a solution to, or represent you in your dealings with, your client.

When you are working in the business every day and are dealing with every aspect of the business, it can be very difficult to come up with any solutions to the problems. The 5X Consulting team will be able to provide a fresh set of eyes and identify workable solutions to help get your business back on track.

As an additional service we buy businesses from business owners, as many start to look for exit options, when the business or the owner is under stress.

Most business owners have short, medium or long term challenges and these challenges require a variety of skills, some of which are outside the owners skill base. At 5X Consulting we offer access to a global community of specialists, from all business sectors and varied experiences. We will conduct a discovery call, in the first instance, and then can assess the current position addressing any needs that are holding your business back. Alternatively you can complete our online assessment HERE 

When business is stressed, the owners look at all options, one of which may be to sell. As an additional service to our clients, we offer a business buying service.